Green Tea

Green Tea

Enjoy the convenience of Colon Cleanse Green Tea:

  • * Alleviates mild constipation
  • * Detoxifies the body
  • * Encourages greater nutrient absorption
  • * Naturally contains Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG)

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Colon Cleanse Teas - Green Tea

Colon Cleanse Green Tea is a symphony of health-enhancing botanicals with flavorful herbal tones. The botanicals in our tea work in harmony to gentle encourage peristalsis, helping you to naturally, safely and effectively eliminate accumulated wastes. The unique and synergistic blend of herbs are formulated to promote regularity, detoxification, and to support the intestinal tract.

Colon Cleanse Green Tea contains: green tea, licorice, safflower, ginger fennel seed, cinnamon chip, senna leaf, cascara sagrada, and vanilla beans.

Suggested use for Adults:
As a dietary supplement for relief of occasional constipation, pour two cups of boiling water over one tea bag. Steep for about two minutes, then remove the tea bag and enjoy. Not a fan of hot tea? Add ice for a cool cup of tea.

For best results use, Colon Cleanse Green tea for a thorough cleansing about every two months and for no more than 10 days at a time. For maintenance in between, use our top selling Colon Cleanse Regular Fiber. Always drink 6-8 glasses of water per day to hydrate the body when using this product. Water does not provide enough electrolytes to have any physiological counter-effect to dehydration.

Ginger is a culinary spice used traditionally and conventionally to aid indigestion and calm nervous stomach and nausea.

Senna promotes regularity by encouraging peristalsis.

Cascara Sagrada contains an active ingredient called anthroquines, which are responsible for the herb's powerful laxative effects.

Fennel A carminative herb, high in Vitamin A and C. Also helpful for stomach acid.

Safflower, Licorice & Vanilla Bean Extracts add a deliciously exotic taste of pure enjoyment.

Can I take medication with Colon Cleanse?
There are no known contradictions. However, there is some speculation about pills possibly binding to the psyllium and preventing them from breaking down properly. It is a good idea to take your medication at least one hour before or after consuming Colon Cleanse. Check with your pharmacist or physician about possible interactions with psyllium.
Do I take Colon Cleanse with food?
You may take the Colon Cleanse anytime you wish, even on an empty stomach. Our recommendation is that you take Colon Cleanse at least one hour before or after meals. Colon Cleanse works by forming a gel-like substance in your stomach, which absorbs all the waste in your system as it passes though your small intestine and colon, before finally, being eliminated.
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