NEW 10 Day Herbal Detox+

Free face mask with purchase of 10 Day Detox.

Our body's naturally cleanse and detoxify themselves. But in a world full of internal and external stressors and pollutants sometimes they need a little help. 10 Day Detox+ resets and reboots your system - gently, effectively and naturally.

10-Day Herbal Detox™
10-Day Herbal Detox™
10-Day Herbal Detox™
10-Day Herbal Detox™

10-Day Herbal Detox™


Need a quick and effective detox? 10-Day Herbal Detox+ is an advanced cleansing formula that may assist with occasional constipation and bloating that may occur from built up waste.*


  • GENTLE & FAST ACTING: Effective 10 day cleansing for occasional use*
  • PROMOTES: Helps promote waste and toxin elimination*
  • REDUCES: May reduce bloat from excess waste*
  • INCLUDES: Senna Leaf powder, Psyllium Husk, Papaya Leaf and more for digestive support*

Gluten Free – Soy Free – Dairy Free

    Free Mask with Purchase

    Day Detox+ supports immunity by helping your body in eliminating toxins. Your best defense, however, is not letting them in. Keep yourself and others safe by wearing a face covering.


    Cleansing at Home

    Should you cleanse? How do you know what type of cleanse is right for your body? Learn more about total body cleansing and how to optimize your results.



    I feel Lighter

    10 Day Herbal Detox

    The 10 day detox is a great cleanse, the capsules are easy to swallow, I found this detox much easier than juicing, and it made me feel better & less bloated! I would highly recommend this product based on my experience with it. I feel Lighter!!


    More efficiency Cleanse

    10 Day Herbal Detox

    I have tried many different cleanses over the years - juice, food, supplements, etc. Sometimes they are a lot of work! I like 10 Day Detox because it was super gentle, easy and effective. I made a few small lifestyle edits on the cleanse, including more fresh fruits and veggies and tons of water. A few days into it I felt less bloat and more efficiency in my digestive system. I'll definitely do this a few times a year and highly recommend it.


    A Simple Promise

    At Health Plus we only create products that we would use ourselves or give to our own children. That means we carefully study, test and manufacture all of our supplements using only the finest ingredients and strictest protocols.