January 4th, 2022

2022 January Intentions vs Resolutions

By Health Plus

2022 intentions vs resolutions

January is named after the Roman god, Janus. Often depicted as having two faces, Janus was believed to have the ability to look at the past and the future at the same time. This imagery provides a fitting symbol for how we consider our New Year’s resolutions. But how many resolutions have you actually kept over the years? If the answer is not that many — you’re not alone, and you might want to try setting 2022 intentions, instead of resolutions. 

The Cambridge Dictionary defines an intention as “something that you want and plan to do” while a resolution is defined as an “official decision, a promise to oneself or the act of solving or ending a problem”. In other words, a resolution is simply making a decision to change, while an intention involves a plan to achieve that change. 

In a 2021 report by Statista, nearly 50% of the people surveyed planned to exercise more and lose weight in the new year. Yet a small number of people actually make good on their New Year’s resolutions. A study conducted by Strava stated that 80% of the people who made resolutions had dropped their new habits by early February.  

There is no limit to how many positive changes we can make at the beginning of a new year, or any time we choose. But, to be successful, we may need to switch from making a vague promise to change our behavior to making a solid plan, with actionable goals, for actually achieving it.  

To understand how to convert a resolution into an intention, let’s take a look some of the top resolutions made in 2021: 

Resolution: Exercise more or improve my fitness 

Intention:    Walk for 10 minutes each day and try out five different physical activities to figure out which I enjoy.

Resolution: Losing weight 

Intention:    Thank my body for what it does for me every day, and make choices that help me feel good in my body. Make at least one meal a day at home using vegetables of different colors.

Resolution: Saving more money 

Intention:    When possible, walk or ride a bike to do errands. Make coffee at home instead of purchasing at a coffee shop each day.

Resolution: Improving my diet

Intention:   Stock the refrigerator with fruit and vegetables and eat more fiber. Sign up for a healthy eating newsletter with easy to follow recipes.

So go ahead and reflect on what improvements you would like to make in your life this year. Just be sure you attach a solid plan for making those changes for a happy and healthier New Year. 

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