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The Purpose of Cleansing

There is a lot information out there about cleansing and detoxification. Some people swear by fasting and juice cleanses, other subscribe to elimination diets, supplements and even saunas. How do you know what’s right for your body? And more importantly, when and how should you detoxify your system for optimal health and wellness?

The truth is our bodies cleanse and purify themselves. Organs like the liver and kidneys, and our digestive and lymphatic systems work around the clock to flush and eliminate waste. In an ideal world the body’s natural response to toxins is adequate. Our environment and the demands of modern life, however, put our bodies under enormous strain. Pollution, chemicals in the products we use, processed foods and indulgences, work and family related stressors, lack of sleep – collectively these factors take a toll and put the body in a compromised state. Occasional cleansing helps reboot and restore the digestive system. From optimal nutrient absorption to mood and immunity, a properly functioning digestive system positively impacts the entire body.