How to Show Your Body Gratitude

By Health Plus

How to show gratitude

There are many health benefits to gratitude (just ask Harvard). So today and through this holiday season, we’re turning that gratitude inward—to our own bodies.

From the moment we are born, the body performs countless critical functions for us every single minute of the day. So why does so much of what it does for us go unnoticed? Or worse, why do we dwell on our negative qualities rather than be appreciative of all of its wondrous accomplishments? 

To begin a practice of body gratitude, you will need to meet your body where it is. Clearly, this will be different for each person depending on their individual needs and goals. According to Christyna Johnson at rachaelhartleynutrition, body gratitude for her “is the idea that my body will change over time. It will change as I go through life, it will perform differently as I mature.” For another person, the idea of body gratitude may be about being grateful for the pure enjoyment of tasting good food or for recovering quickly from an illness. 

Body gratitude is also about accepting your body as it is, and not judging it against how others look or by what they are able to do. If you want to commit to eating better or exercising more, do it. But, do it because you want to take care of your body, to nourish it or strengthen it, not because you want to achieve some ideal belief of what you think your body should look like.  

“It’s ok to admit that you don’t necessarily love everything about your body. It’s ok to feel neutral or even indifferent about your body. Your worth and value do not lie in your shape or your size or in any other aspect of your appearance,” verywellmind advises.

Adopting a practice of body gratitude can take time. It may require a shift in how you currently perceive or judge your body's appearance to focusing on being grateful for its ability.

To cultivate a practice of body gratitude, begin by:   

● Being fully in the moment and aware of what you are experiencing

● Focusing on what “healthy” means to you physically, emotionally and spiritually

● Listening to your body’s signals. When you are too tired, hungry or in pain, give it what it needs

● Focusing on the good or positive in your life - no matter what your body looks like

● Living your life based on your body’s ability and having realistic expectations for staying healthy at each stage of your life

● Finding happiness or contentment in the world around you and with the people who love and support you

Nothing remains the same. We are all constantly evolving and growing and our body will change and perform differently as we grow and live. Think of practicing body gratitude as another step in the journey to maintaining your health and well-being throughout your life. The idea is to be grateful for what your body is doing for you every single day.  

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