introducing YoU+

By Health Plus

At Health Plus we believe that good health is foundational to a good life, it has a profound ripple effect on everything we feel and do. This is why our family started making nutritional supplements nearly 40 years ago, and why we continue to do so today. YOU+ better health is the multiplier. When you take care of your body and mind it amplifies everything you do.

You+ Love

By putting an emphasis on taking care of yourself and exhibiting self love, the benefits go far beyond yourself. By doing so, you can positively affect your relationships with others like a life partner, family, friends, co-workers, and more.

Love starts with you. When you love yourself, your ability to give and receive love multiplies. The inverse is also true. When we are hard on ourselves we tend to be hard on others. So do the things you need to do to generate abundance. Eat well, move your body, laugh with friends and relish in activities that bring you joy. Giving to yourself has a ripple effect that positively impacts your physical and mental health, relationships, and professional life more. The best part? Others will notice and give themselves permission to shine their lights too!

You+ Focus & Energy

Every minute of every day we have a choice. We can choose to see the good or positive in any situation, or we can see the things we dislike or want to change. Most of these decisions happen subconsciously and are a result of how we feel. When we are sick or tired the world is gray; when we are healthy and rested the world is colorful and bright. Physical health is foundational to the way we experience life and a key driver of our focus and energy. Focus is connected to your emotional intelligence bringing about self-awareness: the consciousness of ourselves, our thoughts, and our impulses. Self-awareness and focus allows us to use that information to take better care of ourselves.

You+ Calmness & Balance

For many, calmness is a quality that takes time and practice to cultivate. Some turn to practices like mindfulness and meditation, others go for a run or get lost in activities they love. Developing an inner state of calme, however, is more than just an intentional pause or distraction. There is a physiological component. Any physical stressor that requires our attention, whether fatigue, illness or even poor digestion, can detract from our sense of calm. A calm body leads to a calm mind, and when we are calm we see things more clearly, have greater capacity and make better decisions.

Join us on the journey toward better health - mentally, physically, and emotionally. YOU plus better health starts today.

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