what we live by

By Health Plus

At Health Plus, our values guide the way we work. By sharing the same set of values, collectively, we are more efficient in achieving our common purpose - giving people the freedom to live fully.

Twenty-twenty was a year of challenge, change and reflection. We continued working together, business as usual, and edited on the fly as needed. Through this experience we were able to see and articulate the 4 values that truly sustain our business and team.

Our values are Delivering Better, Providing Access, Doing Right, and Living Quality. While the words are new, the guiding principles are not. Here is what they mean to us and you:  

delivering better

​Acting with a genuine desire to help and improve quality of life or an experience is a key value for us at Health Plus. We always go the extra mile and show kindness to others, whenever applicable.

One of the core values I find that reflects Health Plus the most is Delivering Better. I firmly believe that Health Plus has wholeheartedly been determined to provide the best quality products by sticking to strong regulations and quality procedures. As someone who uses our products, I feel safe and confident in knowing that I can trust Health Plus to uphold a high quality product.” -Carla Amaral, Production Planner

providing access

​Creating value for ourselves and those we serve is an important aspect of Health Plus. We do this by making simple yet effective products that are accessible and affordable. Health Plus products can be found in over 40,000 locations nationwide. 

"During the pandemic, we needed to scale back on the amount of discounts offered. A long term customer wanted to renew an order with us at the discounted price we have been selling to her for a while. Although we made a decision company wide to stop all discounts at the beginning of the pandemic, we made sure to fulfill her request as we value our customers to no end here at Health Plus.” -Matt Scott, National Sales Manager

doing right

​We believe in being transparent and honest which is why we showcase our seals and certifications on our product labels and website. At Health Plus, we are always working to do good for our employees and customers so that they can live happier and healthier lives. 

When it comes to our customers, Health Plus goes above and beyond to ensure the customer has the best customer service experience. Our customers feel comfortable contacting us to share their concerns, experiences, questions, results and feedback on each of our products. We take their concerns very seriously and we make sure they are always satisfied.” -EStephany Valezquez, Customer Service Representative

living quality

​We source only the finest ingredients and follow the strictest protocols to ensure we provide the best quality products. 

Personally, when I buy a product the first thing I look at is quality. Quality is our religion at Health Plus.  Health Plus always gives its best to provide the highest quality product to its customers.” -Pradeep Bandi, Research & Development Chemist Quality Assurance & Quality Control Manager

In addition, these core values create a foundation for our ideas and actions. As Health Plus grows, these 4 main values will continue to be a driving force for our business.

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