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Satisfaction Guarantee

Health Plus offers a 100% money-back guarantee (the “Health Plus Satisfaction Guarantee”) on its products.  If, for any reason, you are dissatisfied with your purchase, please feel free to give us a call at 800-822-6225.  Unless otherwise prohibited by law, the Health Plus Satisfaction Guarantee shall not apply to any products purchased from unauthorized sellers or through unauthorized sales channels, including unauthorized internet sites.

Attention All International Customers

As always we appreciate your business and would like the opportunity to say thank you for choosing Health Plus Inc. for your digestive needs.

Due to strict regulations and customs rules in certain countries sometimes our products are returned to us or just not delivered to the customer. It is our experience that the product does not make it through customs and into our customers’ hands. For cases in which the product is returned to us we will refund your cost of the product but not the shipping costs. For this reason, we will not be automatically shipping internationally through our website. We recommend that you try to purchase the product locally in your country.

If you would still like to consult with one of our customer service representatives for further assistance, in spite of the huge costs of shipping and no guarantee of delivery, or to find out more about our strict return policy on international orders please contact us

International Return Policy

All orders placed through will be charged the full amount for shipping. Should your order not arrive and be returned to Health Plus Inc. due to customs issues, we will refund the amount of the product only. However, the amount paid for shipping will not be refunded. This is due to the extremely high cost of shipping products overseas.  

Contact Info:

Contact Phone Number: 800.822.6225

Contact Email:

Mailing Address: 13837 Magnolia Ave, ​Chino, CA 91710