Five Yoga Poses to Improve Digestion
The next time your digestive tract has you feeling bloated and uncomfortable, grab a mat, get on the floor and try a few yoga poses. Known to enhance physical and mental wellbeing, recent studies point to yoga as an effective practice for improving digestion and, more specifically, managing irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).  Several studies published by the National Institute of Health have shown that people with IBS experience significantly fewer symptoms and report improved quality of life after participating in a yoga program for six months
RECIPE: Watermelon-Mint Detox
Ingredients4 cups watermelon cubes¼ cup fresh mint leaves½ lime thinly sliced½ lemon thinly sliced2 liters of water (less for stronger infusion)1 tablespoon of your favorite Colon Cleanse fiber (optional for additional fiber) Instructions1. Place watermelon, lemon and lime into pitcher (avoid bitterness by...
7 Daily Fruits and Veggies perfect for Cleansing your Colon
We all were told by our parents, “Eat your fruits and veggies or you'll have a hard time pooping.” Now, 30+ years later, you are browsing the internet looking for home remedies to solve your problem". In the back of...